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22 years old
San Antonio, Texas
United States

Last Login: 1/24/2007
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    Janice's Interests


photography, music music music 24/7, concerts, road trips & travelling in general, the internetsss, long walks outside, staying up late & sleeping in, marching bands, percussion, stringed instruments, foreign films, lipgloss, pearls, cameo jewelry, playing footsy, lying out on the grass, star-gazing, belly-dancing, swimming, bike rides, animal rights, philosophy, british bohemian and mod style clothing, canadians, museums, coffee & tea, billiards, sarcasm, tetris, zombies, snow and ice, mountains, hippies, autumn leaves, the future


crowds, arguments, clowns, racism, mosquitos, texas weather, country music, right-wing conservatives, religious zealots, celine dion & barbara streisand


Movies american beauty, fight club, leon: the professional, american history x, withnail & i, 24 hour party people, dancer in the dark, the dreamers, rushmore, buffalo '66, my life to live, band of outsiders, a woman is a woman, the life aquatic, secretary, royal tenenbaums, waking life, the secret garden, rocky horror, ghost world, punch-drunk love, run lola run, eternal sunshine, office space, city of god, roman holiday, the usual suspects, reservoir dogs, donnie darko, l.a. confidential, se7en, shawshank redemption, hedwig, lolita, amelie, baraka, the sound of music, artemesia, silence of the lambs, ma vien rose, quills, stealing beauty, prozac nation, priscilla: queen of the desert, the labrynth, trois couleurs, damage, billy elliot, heavenly creatures, all the monty python movies
Television the x-files
Books the perks of being a wallflower, henry and june, memoirs of a geisha, johnny got his gun, this book will change your life, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, ender's game, the zombie survival guide, i am not myself these days, a morning's work, girlfriend in a coma, intensity, little women, running with scissors, alas babylon, the awakening, the handmaid's tale, stiff, anything written by chuck palahniuk or kurt vonnegut, and anatomy and art books make me deleriously happy.
Groups: The X-FilesBjork FansMoby MySpace ForumTori Amos FansReluctant Lama 2.0 (experiment)Virtual Tibetan Buddhist Sangha

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     Janice's Details
Status: Single
Here for: Networking, Friends
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Baytown, Texas
Body type: 5' 3" / Body builder
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Religion: Buddhist
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Smoke / Drink: No / Yes
Children: Undecided
Occupation: professional cat thrower (crazy cat lady)

   Janice's Schools
Barbers Hill H S
Mt Belvieu, TEXAS
Graduated: 2003
Student status: Alumni
Degree: High School Diploma
Clubs: Soaring Eagle Marching Band, French Club, Anchor Club

1999 to 2003

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   Janice's Blurbs
About me:
"i am progressing abominably. and I do not know my own way to the sea, but the saltiest sea knows its own way to me."
Who I'd like to meet:


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Janice has 120 friends.

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 winky wookie 





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 total bitch 


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 Mr. Roboto's Arch Nemesis 

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Janice's Friends Comments
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Jan 23 2007 11:17P

bulletin board spam. wow.

Jan 18 2007 10:41P

i had a dream about you where you flew out the sky and gave me magic mushrooms and flew back into the sky. it was sorta weird.
T-Dawg Funk Money

Jan 18 2007 2:24A

OMB Janice, I just read your comments on Luci's page and NO! I don't see anything wrong with laying back and letting Sean Bean do his whole villainouscrumdiddlyumptious thing to me...and if there is something wrong with that then DAMN I DONT WANT TO BE RIGHT!!! And yes...I'm thinking smelling salts may be needed...and maybe a wheelchair since I will be completely weak in the knees.
Mr. Roboto's Arch Nemesis

Jan 17 2007 3:05P

HAHAHA i'm sure there will be plenty of other girls AND guys who will be thinkin the same thing come friday
Mr. Roboto's Arch Nemesis

Jan 17 2007 2:54P

will do. plus i'll make sure we all have towels for DURING the movie. haha
Mr. Roboto's Arch Nemesis

Jan 17 2007 2:34P

yes..i will be there for the hitcher yay! but rach has to work so no she won't be there =(
Mr. Roboto's Arch Nemesis

Jan 17 2007 2:27P

yea its gay like that! lol well im sure i'll see ya this weekend ttyl
Mr. Roboto's Arch Nemesis

Jan 17 2007 2:16P

i think someone has hacked your account.. i just saw a bulletin posted under to name telling everyone to add your new myspace account. all the link did was take me back to the login page that wasn't the real myspace login page. you should probably change your password. *muah* love ya
T-Dawg Funk Money

Jan 10 2007 11:29A

Don't forget to post those pics from Kemah :P

Jan 6 2007 8:43A

Why is this song so good?
T-Dawg Funk Money

Jan 5 2007 12:40A

So we should totally hang out soon :( I'm going crazy.
Dunder Mifflin, this is Sara

Jan 4 2007 10:43A

Hey hot stuffff.
T-Dawg Funk Money

Dec 28 2006 9:48P

I'm not going to be able to go to San Antonio :( Turns out I have plans I totally forgot about.

Dec 25 2006 7:47P

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a great one. I miss you lots. :)
T-Dawg Funk Money

Dec 25 2006 1:41P

You rock my socks!
T-Dawg Funk Money

Dec 25 2006 1:30P

Ho and Biatch in the same sentence...me likey!
T-Dawg Funk Money

Dec 25 2006 12:32P

Merry Christmas Comment Graphics

Dec 25 2006 7:27A

Merry Christmas!!

Dec 25 2006 12:31A

Hey Janice,

I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I'll talk to you soon!


Dec 25 2006 12:09A

hope you're having a rad christmas.

Dec 23 2006 10:16P

total bitch

Dec 23 2006 12:26P

merry xmas chica!
T-Dawg Funk Money

Dec 23 2006 5:24A

Rumor has it you are coming to Baytown today...please confirm this!

Dec 20 2006 12:59A

nice leaf.
Kandi is Dandi!

Dec 11 2006 10:35P

MySpace Comments
T-Dawg Funk Money

Dec 11 2006 7:19P

Haha...you wanna know what made me put it on here. The other night as we were driving by Montrose it popped up on my shuffle...it just seemed so perfect for that very moment that I just had to put in on my page HAHAHAHA
T-Dawg Funk Money

Dec 8 2006 2:04P

You and my Papou are coming in the same day, but guess what...I am having my tonsils and adenoids removed and my sinus infection cleaned out on the 19th, so for about a week I won't be too much of a happy camper :(
T-Dawg Funk Money

Dec 8 2006 12:11P

So far you know me better than anyone :D


Dec 3 2006 4:40P

been playing in the snow? DAMN it's cold outside!
total bitch

Dec 2 2006 2:14P


are you here yet?
T-Dawg Funk Money

Nov 20 2006 3:32P

I miss jou :(

Nov 18 2006 3:47P

Pretty picture
T-Dawg Funk Money

Nov 15 2006 12:35P

How long are you going to be in Chicago?

Nov 10 2006 10:15P

i love you
winky wookie

Nov 7 2006 8:44P

Having fun in Chicago? I hope we see you soonish at least.
T-Dawg Funk Money

Oct 29 2006 1:23P

Yay...we haven't lost our telepathetic connection...hehe :P

Oct 28 2006 8:22P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oct 22 2006 4:58P

Hey girl,

I was just teasing you. I know you are shy so I thought I'd bring a smile to your face...love ya chica.

T-Dawg Funk Money

Oct 12 2006 4:37P

You need some comment love and I am just the person to give it to you!

T-Dawg Funk Money

Oct 3 2006 9:24A


Sep 28 2006 8:29P


Sep 23 2006 9:33A

Hey Janice! I haven't talked to you since you called mom back a while ago. So how are things going? When are we going to see you again? I miss you. :]

Love - that one sister.
T-Dawg Funk Money

Sep 22 2006 11:11A

Ahem...okay my turn...although you took up some good ones I could have used hehe.
Driving in the mustang listening to "Don't Panic."
Driving in my truck blasting and singing to "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy" with the windows rolled down.
You drunk...nuff said.
Writing each other notes in the form of song lyrics.
And of course all the ones you said.
T-Dawg Funk Money

Sep 22 2006 11:02A

Your comment made me all misty eyed :)

Sep 21 2006 10:05P

yes i sure did! and i'm workin' on the tickets as we speak!!!

thanks for the notice, how you be btw? i miss yalls company like the mad note - hopefully yall will come up again soon, at least before year end??!!! *hinthintwinkwink!*

<3 me luv u long time!<3

Sep 11 2006 8:48P

Allô, I noticed you on okCupid but I found your myspace page was far cooler looking and the music was much better. ;)

Sep 11 2006 6:33P

hi friend! what's going on up there? you must message me back and give me an update! mkay?!
Ai Satsujin~Kasai Konton

Sep 11 2006 12:46P

Hey girl we haven't really talked since school. How have you been?
T-Dawg Funk Money

Sep 5 2006 8:22A

Withnail & I was on this morning and I thought of you...hehe...


Sep 5 2006 12:15A

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